Anonymous said: Hey SGS, I'm a long time follower and really appreciate everything you put up! I had a question about boots for you. I am a college kid and go to a school where it snows a lot. I would say I dress pretty preppy. I am looking for some boots that won't make my fits look too casual yet do the job when I am going through snow and rain. Plus I do not exactly have a lot of money to spend. Any suggestions? Thanks, Alex

Snow boots can be pretty tricky, but I’d recommend you take a look at the classic LL Bean Boots. They’re perfect for that kind of weather, and have a very interesting look. I feel you about the money part. For that I’d recommend browsing around AE's catalogue, they also have great stuff.

Even if bean boots/duck boots aren’t your thing I’m sure you’ll be able to find something nice!


Anonymous said: i really like red wing boots, but i'm not a fan of paying 250 for them. do you have any alternate suggestions?

I recently bought a pair of these at American Eagle Outfitters (mine are a different color though.) They were on sale and I decided to give them a try.

I know they’re not the same quality as Red Wings, but they’re pretty decent.

I might do a review on my blog soon, so stay tuned!


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Anonymous said: Know any good loafer type shoes that are like toms? for both casual and formal ish wear

It’s hard to know what is exactly what you’re looking for but I’ll give you a few options:

ALDO Caffery casual loafers.

Topman espadrilles (they’re basically another kind of TOMS and they come in a lot of different colors and patterns)

ALDO Decenzo casual loafers.

Timberland Earthkeeper loafers.

ALDO espadrilles. (They also come in different colors and designs)

TOMS Freetown espadrilles. (These are a great pair of classic TOMS. Comfortable and good looking, give them a try!)

Hope I helped!


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