Anonymous asked: Hey SGS, I'm a long time follower and really appreciate everything you put up! I had a question about boots for you. I am a college kid and go to a school where it snows a lot. I would say I dress pretty preppy. I am looking for some boots that won't make my fits look too casual yet do the job when I am going through snow and rain. Plus I do not exactly have a lot of money to spend. Any suggestions? Thanks, Alex

Snow boots can be pretty tricky, but I’d recommend you take a look at the classic LL Bean Boots. They’re perfect for that kind of weather, and have a very interesting look. I feel you about the money part. For that I’d recommend browsing around AE's catalogue, they also have great stuff.

Even if bean boots/duck boots aren’t your thing I’m sure you’ll be able to find something nice!


Anonymous asked: i really like red wing boots, but i'm not a fan of paying 250 for them. do you have any alternate suggestions?

I recently bought a pair of these at American Eagle Outfitters (mine are a different color though.) They were on sale and I decided to give them a try.

I know they’re not the same quality as Red Wings, but they’re pretty decent.

I might do a review on my blog soon, so stay tuned!


Anonymous asked: where can i buy cool sweaters? (online shops)

H&M, UNIQLO, J.Crew, GAP… just to mention a few. I recently saw some awesome gems at Target and Kmart as well. For real.

Anonymous asked: Hey there, I follow your blog pretty regularly and really enjoy your content. I was wondering if you'd be able to do a post/feature on good, affordable winter jackets/coats for the coming season. I'm looking to buy a new winter jacket or coat and have no idea about the style or kind I should look for and what would be very formal, semi-formal and casual respectively. If you could do it, it's be terrific! Thanks for all your posts nonetheless, Cheers!


First of all, thanks for the compliments, I’m really glad you enjoy my site so much!

I recently wrote a piece about outerwear basics. It might not be exactly what you need but you might find it useful nonetheless. 



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Anonymous asked: a pair of cool sneakers for the winter?

Almost anything with leather. They will keep you warm while still looking stylish.

I’ve seen Converse has quite a few styles to choose from, but if I had to choose I’d go with a solid colored pair, preferably brown and maybe even black. Something like these.


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Anonymous asked: I know this seems like a pretty stupid question but should I wear an undershirt/crew neck t-shirt under my shirts?

No stupid question at all! I know there’s a lot of guys who aren’t used to wearing undershirts… Personally I think it’s a no brainer. They help you stay cool by absorbing sweat (and prevent you from showing those embarrassing sweat stains we all hate).

If you don’t like them showing (which I think it’s the right way of wearing them) you should try getting v-neck undershirts. Leave the crew necks for dress shirts only.


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Anonymous asked: Think you could include links for shopping for similar products as the pictures?

Definitely, I’m starting a new section on my blog, named shop the look. I intend to give advice on where to get the stuff pictured on the images I reblog. For this to work I need everyone out there to message me with the looks they are interested in knowing more about.

Sounds good?